All-day Open Access workshop at the University of Ottawa

You are cordially invited to an All-day Open Access workshop at the University of Ottawa, on Saturday, April 1, 2017.

The workshop, part of a new master’s level special topics course on open access, ISI 6300, will be designed to facilitate conversation on emerging topics in open access and related areas, and will feature local and visiting scholars engaged in various open access initiatives and research, in addition to student presentations.

The workshop will be categorised into open access themes, that will consist of mixed contributions from both students and invited speakers. Presentations will be in English or French and all discussions are welcome in either language.

There will be early morning coffee and free lunch provided at the workshop!


Simply send an email to with your name or register at the door on the day of the event.

Also, kindly indicate in your email if you will be interested in staying for Lunch.


120 University Private, University of Ottawa, Social Science Building FSS 10-30 (First Floor)

Workshop Agenda


Class Professor and Sponsor

Heather Morrison, University of Ottawa.

Heather.jpgHeather Morrison is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa’s School of Information Studies. Heather’s research focuses on scholarly communication and open access, and her teaching and advocacy includes information policy. She is a well-known advocate of open access and open approaches to research, which the Sustaining the Knowledge Commons project is intended to model.

Invited Speakers

Inma Aleixos Borrás, Visiting Scholar.

Inma Aleixos Open Access Workshop uOttawa 2017

Inma Aleixos Borrás is from Valencia (L’Horta), Spain and has spent part of her life in Germany, UK and US. Her educational background comprises of B.A. Library & Information Science, B.Sc. Information Science, M.A. Information Science (Fulbright Fellow and SI University of Michigan Fellow), PhD Candidate Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), expected Fall 2018. Her research interests include sociology of science, human rights and archives, social memory and nationalism, digital curation, and Open (Research) Data. (

Victoria Volkanova, Visiting Librarian.


Victoria obtained her M.S.I. from the Université de Montréal in 2004 and has since been working as an academic librarian at the Université de Moncton, New Brunswick. Her professional responsibilities have included managing the systems department, reference services, scholarly communications, DLI, statistics and data services. She is currently on a sabbatical leave, pursuing her research interests in open access and scholarly communications. She shares her time between l’Université de Montréal and University of Ottawa.


Mary Francoli, School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University.


Mary Francoli is Associate Professor of Communication Studies. She holds a doctorate in Political Science from Western University. Prior to joining the School of Journalism and Communication, she was the Leverhulme Visiting Fellow in New Media and Internet Politics at Royal Holloway, The University of London.


Raywat Deonadan, University of Ottawa.


Raywat Deonandan is an Epidemiologist and Assistant Professor with the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences. He is the former Chief Scientist for Assisted Human  Reproduction Canada, an agency of the federal government, and a Board member of the Canadian Society for Epidemiology & Biostatistics. Dr Deonandan’s research focuses on global health epidemiology, the ethics of assisted reproduction, and innovations in medical education.

Jihane Salhab, University of Ottawa.

jihane 2014-04-20 13.51.08Jihane Salhab is a graduate student at the University of Ottawa. She studies Information Science, with particular interests in electronic dissemination and exchange of information using open access. Having worked for thirteen years at the Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS) library in Lebanon, she is familiar with the challenges libraries face concerning the drastically increased cost of publications as a result of worldwide inflation and economic recession. She believes open access to be a rejection of mainstream model where paywalls restrict access to research and hinder researchers to disseminate knowledge to all people, regardless of socioeconomic or geographic conditions.


Meghan Laverty, University of Ottawa.


Meghan Laverty is a fourth-year student in the Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences program at the University of Ottawa. For her honours project, she is conducting research on academic librarians’ opinions on Beall’s list and the role it should play in identifying predatory journals, critiquing published work, and making decisions about promotion and tenure


Susan Spronk. University of Ottawa – Faculty of Social Sciences & Editor, Studies in Political Economy.

Kyle Conway & Bill Crahere: The Digital Press @ University of North Dakota

Chris Tanasescu, Coordinator of Digital Humanities Resources.

Student Speakers

Olesia Sloboda, Master of Information Studies, University of Ottawa.


Olesia Sloboda is a graduate student at the School of Information Studies at the University of Ottawa. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. Olesia has an extensive experience in Information Management with the Government of Canada specializing in content analysis and electronic disposition. She is very passionate about digital preservation. 

Tanoh Laurent Kakou, University of Ottawa.


Tanoh Laurent Kakou a complété son master en communication organisationnelle. Il complète actuellement une autre maitrise en sciences de l’information. Tanoh Laurent a une connaissance dans le domaine de la diffusion de l’information et il s’intéresse à la réduction de fracture numérique. Il soutien le libre accès à l’information qui pourrait aider l’éducation dans les pays en développement.

Salah Merhi, PhD Electronic Business Technologies, University of Ottawa.


Salah earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Management and Data Processing from West Virginia University Institute of Technology (1981) and his Master degree in Electronic Business from University of Ottawa (2012). His professional career of more than 25 years in the field of Information and communication Technology took him to more than 35 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa where he executed business plans and conducted business development, marketing and sales activities.


Widlyne Brutus, Master of Information Studies, University of Ottawa.

widlyneWidlyne Brutus est une étudiante à la maîtrise à l’Université d’Ottawa. Elle complète présentement une spécialisation en sciences de l’information. Passionnée, elle a complété un Baccaleauréat en histoire ainsi qu’un certificat en gestion des documents et des archives à l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Widlyne a développé un vif intérêt en histoire et sur les moyens de diffusion de l’information incluant le libre accès.

Widlyne Brutus is a graduate student at the University of Ottawa, currently undergoing a Masters degree in Information Studies. She had completed an undergraduate degree in History and a certificate in Record Management at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Widlyne has a passion for everything related to history and the means of information diffusion including open access.


Myriam Dumais-DesRosiers, Master of Information Studies, University of Ottawa.


Myriam Dumais-DesRosiers détient une maîtrise en études littéraires. Ayant travaillé 3 ans pour la revue Études littéraires (Université Laval, Québec), elle s’est intéressée à la question du libre accès du point de vue de l’édition. Étudiante à la maîtrise en sciences de l’information à l’Université d’Ottawa, elle aborde maintenant la question du libre accès selon une approche de professionnel de l’information.

Myriam Dumais-DesRosiers holds a Master’s degree in Literature. Having worked 3 years for the Études littéraires journal (Laval University, Québec), she is interested in open access from the viewpoint of a publisher. Now a student in the Master of Information Studies at the University of Ottawa, she studies this crucial question as an information professional.

Arbia Ouerghi, University of Ottawa.


Arbia Ouerghi est enseignante chercheur en sciences de l’information. Elle est titulaire d’une MSI de l’Université de Montréal en 2003, spécialité Gestion de l’information électronique et d’un baccalauréat en Bibliothéconomie et sciences de l’information. Après une carrière d’enseignante en Europe et en Afrique, Arbia a travaillé comme bibliothécaire en chef dans plusieurs bibliothèques et centres de documentation au Canada et ailleurs. Sa carrière professionnelle en gestion de l’information l’a fait voyager un peu partout dans le monde : Afrique du Nord, Europe et Canada. Présentement, Arbia poursuit la recherche et s’intéresse à la question du libre accès spécifiquement à la communication savante francophone.

Ese Djetore, Master of Electronic Business Technologies, University of Ottawa.


Ese Djetore is a Masters student of the Electronic Business Technologies program at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and a Student Product Manager at CENGN – Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, Canada. Her research interests lie in the business practices of next generation technologies like Cloud Infrastructures, Network Functions Virtualization, Software-Defined Networking, and Network Slicing.


Lisa Shaver-Szabo, Master of Information Studies, University of Ottawa.

Capture d_écran 2017-09-16 à 15.11.46Lisa Shaver-Szabo is a part-time student in her final semester of the Masters of Information Program. She works full time as a Pharmacy Auditor at Express Scripts Canada and is transitioning her career into information management and library science.  Lisa has an undergraduate degree in Honours English Literature from Bishop’s University, which developed her love and passion for libraries.


Kyle Christopher, Master of Information Studies, University of Ottawa.

Capture d_écran 2017-09-16 à 15.17.10Kyle completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa in 2016 and is now a graduate student, studying a Master of Information Studies, also at uOttawa. Kyle has worked for the Ottawa Public Library from various positions, most recently in reference and customer service, and is pursuing an MIS to further his career within the public library.


Aminuzzaman Sikder, Master of Electronic Business Technologies, University of Ottawa

Capture d_écran 2017-09-17 à 08.48.18Aminuzzaman Sikder (Amin) is pursuing his Masters in Electronic Business Technology and expecting to graduate by Winter 2017. He currently works for S.i Systems (the 2nd largest IT Recruitment company in Canada) as a Technical Recruiter. Before that he worked in the Telecom industry in Product Development and Trade Marketing for about 4 years in Bangladesh.
His area of interest includes understanding customer emotions and reactions about deceptive pricing. He currently works under the supervision of Professor Micheal Mulvey (Telfer School of Business) on a project related to the Effect of Deceptive Pricing on online and retail businesses, its trends, customer reactions and possible improvement solutions.


Workshop Sponsors

École des Sciences de l’Information | School of Information Studies

The Association des étudiants en sciences de l’information / Information Studies Student Association (AÉSISSA)

University of Ottawa Digital Humanities | Université d’Ottawa Sciences Humaines Numériques

Sustaining the Knowledge Commons | Soutenir les Savoirs Communs (SKC): sustainingknowledgecommons.

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